Designer Profile: raw earth wild sky

raw earth wild sky
Keeping it raw with raw earth wild sky

Los Angeles, CA

I was introduced to raw earth wild sky on my first buying trip for the store and the line immediately resonated with me - maybe because we are both made in Los Angeles and have raw edges.  

Inspired by nature’s colors and seasons, raw earth wild sky is a contemporary organic line with a beautifully relaxed and broken-in aesthetic.  Well-crafted and using the best organic and sustainable fabrics and earth-friendly methods in the lines creation, raw earth wild sky is completely committed to hand-making the entire line in the USA. 

Signature details such as deconstructed seams and raw hems, novelty hand dying techniques and interesting trims applied in unusual ways help to create a raw, unique feel for each piece. Striving to make specialty pieces that are both statements in fashion as well as in their goodness for the environment – raw earth wild sky creates beautiful, healthy and unique organic clothing that brings environmental awareness and sustainable style to our customers. A truly unique line, I wanted to get a little insight about the design process from the designers behind Raw Earth Wild Sky: 

LTS: How did you decide you were going to pursue being a designer?

REWS: Think it’s just in both of our DNA!  It was an organic thing for both us that just followed on from our interest in fashion as kids and making our own clothes, then altering patterns and creating our own looks.

LTS: What inspires your work?  Are there other art forms that influence your designs?

REWS: We find inspiration in everything and anything – nature, our world and usually current events. Art and music definitely impact and influence our work. Different periods in history for fashion and art are fascinating to us and our love of great craftsmanship and attention to detail is what inspires us to create pieces we feel are extremely wearable but also unique in some way. We hope to bring that level of skill and pride in what we make back to our industry.

LTS: Do you have a signature piece in your collection/trademark item/look? 

REWS: Our fleece jackets are definitely our trademark – we design with details you wo uld expect to see on woven pieces. Some jackets can have intricate details, we use a lot of outside seaming, exposed darts, cover-stitching and always our raw seams and hems.

LTS: What materials/fabrics do you use?  What is your motivation for using the materials/processes you use?

REWS: Our planet is extremely important and what we do affects the next seven generations so we want to tread as lightly as possible leaving faint or no footprints with the production of our line. We use only organic, eco/recycled and some sustainable fabrics – producing the line with low-impact dyes and recycled water to reduce our environmental impact. Our entire line is hand-made in LA, we want to bring local production back to this city and keep what is left of the skilled workforce we have while encouraging and developing new talent.

LTS: Who would you like to dress – any celebrity, musician, artist, or even a person in history, that you would be most flattered if they were wearing your clothing?

REWS: There have been and are so many people with great style in many different walks of life that we honestly could not pick out even a few. We think the fact our line appeals to such a wide variety of people is amazing and what we are most proud of and flattered by. See our collection of raw earth wild sky here.