Comfortable is the Name of the Game in Travel Fashion

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My grandmother, bless her, still believes that you need to dress up for plane travel. She still packs a cosmetic case, remember those? I do believe you have to dress, who knows who you might run into, and what your journey may bring? But for most of us that will be traveling next week for the Thanksgiving holiday, opting for chic comfort is what will pull us through.

First and foremost, forget what they say about elastic waistband pants and skirts! Along with stretch denim, elastic waistbands are not just found on dumpy frocks. All of the fashion designers in my store are expert in not using constricting hardware on their garments. You will be sitting in tight quarters for hours, who wants a zipper poking into their belly?

Once I found these great designers that make clothes that are cool looking and comfortable – not to mention environmentally conscious – I never have to look back at conventional clothes and their uncomfortable ill fits. I am tall, but this goes for any fit challenge, choose tops that are long enough. When you are travelling you have to struggle down the cabin aisle holding your bags and carrying your luggage up to the overhead luggage compartment, etc. All of this jostling around can ride your top up, especially more fitted tops. Now, I’ve never been one for the bare midriff look, not even in my finest hour, so trust me when I say I am happy with the flowy long tunics that are in style now! Another must is a nice, warm, clean smelling, wrap.


Those plane blankets are now mostly just found on international flights, but lets not think about how germy those must be… I suggest bringing along your own comfy wrap, wide enough to cover your shoulders or use as a little blanket over your torso. Something soft and warm to snuggle up with, and not too precious!

And finally, comfortable shoes. I have seen them – the ones who travel wearing high heels, flip-flops, knee-high lace up boots. Maybe they are more evolved human beings than me, but I prefer sturdy slip on shoes. I mostly live in Dansko shoes anyway, and can’t imagine going through security and having to spend time lacing up my shoes, or running to a gate in heels.

I wish you all safe, and comfortable, travels this holiday, and wish you all a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!