Fashion Basics That Are Worth The Splurge


We’ve all been there – a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Either nothing worked together, or the fit was off. I admit to have fallen victim to just buying ‘items’ without regard to how it fits into my overall wardrobe.

Once I hit the 40 year mark my lifestyle, and body, changed and the cha-cha clothes of my youth no longer had a place in my reality. So I took to doing a slow overhaul of my wardrobe. When the ‘oh-too-high’ evening boots were too worn, I replaced them with a classic, knee-high flat boot, and so on…

To control the expense of investing in a new wardrobe, I identified what were the key fashion basics I needed to splurge on – and vowed to only buy items that were ‘me’ – fashion that is congruent to my style, ethics, and worked on my body. This was a big one, as I had a closet full of clothes that ‘I could only wear when… ‘ Investing in classic fashion basics— the things you'll wear again and again for years to come, makes economical sense. Having a good set of basics just makes dressing easier, as you have a solid foundation to work with.

To help you identify the key pieces to build your wardrobe on, I've rounded up some splurge-worthy staples that are worthy of investing in. After all, chances are they'll be sticking around for years to come!

  • Crisp White Top – Appropriate for any event, in every season. You can’t go wrong with a white top over jeans, skirts, black trousers.
  • Denim Jeans – A staple in every wardrobe. Just make sure your jeans fit properly and you feel comfortable in them. They are only a staple if you can throw them on without a second thought.
  • Cable Knit Sweater – I prefer cotton, as it is breathable, and I am at the age where my clothes need to breathe. Cable Knit may conjure up images of prep school, so I look for a twist on this classic keeper.
  • Printed Dress – When you are in the mood to party, there is no better way to make a statement than in a patterned party frock. A thing to keep in mind, choose a pattern that isn’t “too” recognizable, but one that you can dress up in many ways for different occasions.
  • Black Dress - A simple black dress, whether flared or a sleek sheath, works for pretty much any situation imaginable. Black is known to be slimming, and with a simple accessory change it can be worn over and over - a sound number to invest in.
  • Black/Camel Coat – While outerwear trends come and go, there are two timeless colors that never change, black and camel. Look for clean lines, and something that can be worn over layers.
  • Stylish Hoodie – An everyday casual dressed up hoodie is something you can easily throw on over your yoga pants to go to the exercise studio, to the grocery store, or dressed up for a casual evening out. Versatility is key, as is epic design, as the aim is to look put together, not frumpy-dumpy.
  • Wrap/Shawl – Who couldn’t use a little snugly? Wrap, throw, shawl, scarf – they all are easy ways to dress up an outfit, and offer warmth and comfort to us. Who wants a scratchy, smelling of gasoline thing so close to your face (or anywhere on your body for that matter!), why not invest in a few good ones?

With just a few investment pieces in your wardrobe, you can easily approach dressing with ease, knowing that you are not only appropriately dressed but also showing off your personal style and feeling confident that you look and feel good.


Image credits:

1. Burgandy Hoodie, by Prairie Underground, Prairie Hoodie, $259.
2. Printed Dress by ecoSkin, Preston Dress, $125.
3. Scarf by Pure Handknit, Button Wrap, $59.
4. Black Jacket by Comfy USA, Kathy Poncho, $155.
5. Cable Knit sweater by Pure Handknit, Alexandra Pullover, $119.
6. Jeans by Prairie Underground, Denim Girdle, $149.
7. White top by Neon Buddha, Sydney Top $99.>