Do you dress your age?

Neon Buddha West Ankle Pant available at LISSA the shop.

We all know that we should dress age appropriate, but that doesn’t necessarily mean boring. You’ve seen them, grown women sporting styles designed for teens. The boundaries are definitely blurring, as today’s fashion (and media) industries give dominance to the fast fashion trends of the junior market. This can certainly make dressing our age difficult to navigate. You’ve heard the traditional rules such as ‘no miniskirts after 35’, yet there are some lucky ladies that can certainly carry this off well after 35, especially with tights and high boots.

Luckily, dressing one's age is not about blindly following a clear set of rules anymore. The aim should be to achieve your unique and dignified style. Since with age comes confidence and knowledge of who you are, a wardrobe that makes your personality shine, and actually fits your body well, is the ultimate goal.

An important first step is to build your wardrobe on a solid foundation. Your ‘go-to’ LBD (little black dress) to accessorize for the occasion, the perfect black pumps that you can actually walk in, a well-tailored quality suit and pants that will save you money by lasting for years. Purge your closet from all the items from your youth that no longer have a place in your current lifestyle, and focus on the building blocks of your new wardrobe. It is a process, but once you have removed the items you will be able to ‘see’ what your real options are, and this will make dressing and future shopping expeditions easier and focused. I personally have found certain lines that work for me and that I shop from faithfully.

Once I know the line I can pretty much look at images online and know what would work for me, which makes shopping from home fun and easy.

Neon Buddha is a line I feel in love with well before bringing them into my webstore. They design a lifestyle fashion collection for any occasion, being travel, work or leisure. And what’s more, their heart and soul mission is to keep environmentally friendly and create their clothing only from sustainable fabrics, by giving back to the community and using green technology. The company’s style in green business brings a new era in the fashion industry.

With their ethical and environmental work standards, shopping from Neon Buddha is not only a pleasure but also a bold statement in an environmentally conscious campaign for a sustainable fashion industry. This is something that speaks to me on a personal level, and their styles work on me, so Neon Buddha has a big space in my new closet!