NEW Prairie Underground Summer in store!

With the warm weather upon us, I am seriously excited to receive the NEW Prairie Underground summer items. Here is a peak at some of their new styles we have available to get you through these balmy days and nights. More colors and styles available!

Prairie Underground Summer 15

1. Prairie Underground, Love Parade A sleeveless, drop-waist woven top that has a drawstring waist and cowl neck. The Love Parade is a chic, summer blousy style from Prairie Underground. Multiple Colors, Organic Cotton, $169

2. Prairie Underground, Cigarette Leggings Ankle Length Now available in ankle length! The Cigarette Legging has an extra high waist that smooths the mid-section. Seamed down the center front leg from high waist to hem with a smooth backside. Multiple Colors, Cotton, $149

3. Prairie Underground Rauched Tunic and Sirenuse Skirt A perfect outfit for the summer heat! The Rauched Tunic knit tank top over the light and ethereal Sirenuse Skirt is a perfect compliment. Rauched Tunic, Organic Cotton, $99, Sirenuse Skirt, Organic Cotton, $119

4. Prairie Underground Angel Slouch Dress An easy form-fitting mini-dress, the Angel Slouch can be worn two ways, both front and back! With the low V-neck in front, you get an elasticized ruching at the center front hem that is flattering around the lower hips, or turn it around and you get a higher V-neck and scalloped front hem, and ruching at the backside. With draped short sleeves, this dress has options and always fun to wear! Multiple Colors, Organic Cotton, $109

5. Sophia Costas Fair Trade Scarves Top it all off with a Fair Trade scarf by Sophia Costas! Made in India of 100% cotton, her scarves are  a perfect way to sneak in a little stylish whimsy to your outfit, and they are ethically sourced to boot! Various styles and colors, $39