Cleansing your Mala Necklace

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After having the good fortune to attend a Mala Making Workshop by Krista Lynn Designs a little while ago, I took the opportunity of the recent full moon to give my mala a moon cleansing. Used by many cultures as prayer beads, Mala necklaces are meditative talismans.  

Much like praying a rosary, Mala necklaces are made of 108 beads for which you repeat a mantra for each.  With Krista Lynn's guidance, I was able to make my own unique Mala Necklace choosing my own beads, tassel and charm, each carrying their own spiritual meaning.  

Krista explained how Mala beads are often worn as protection against evil spirits or to purify one's body, mind, and words - so it is special to me to have created my own. Mala beads are believed to absorb and store energy, and even though mine were newly made by me, Krista recommended that my necklace be cleansed.  

You may also want to cleanse your Mala if it has been worn by others, to cleanse any energy that may have been absorbed into the necklace.

mala  IMG_9568 copy

You can cleanse your Mala by: 

  • Placing it in the light of the moon.
  • Placing it in direct sunlight.
  • Burning white sage.
  • By sound vibration - chanting or using a singing bowl.

Once your Mala is cleansed, your next step is to set the intention for your Mala by holding it in your left hand, and place your right hand over it while you focus on your intention. My Mala is now cleansed by the full moon and I am ready to focus on my intention for the next 28 days.  

Thank you Krista Lynn!