From 100 to 0 - Seeking balance with meditation

Fall is in the air!  Summer break is over, visitors and visiting has ended and kids are back in school, so why do I feel like I need a break? No joke, I had a wonderful summer and have accomplished a lot personally (we made it through my son’s first swim team experience!) and professionally with the growth of my eco-fashion webstore,  But overall the summer has been a whirlwind that has left me dazed and confused. Now it is time to get back to routine, and to be the best me – I need to quiet my restless mind and focus.

Home altar

I have an on again, off again relationship with meditating and I want to change that.  I know 100% that I feel more in control and awake when I meditate regularly.  So my first step is to set up my environment and myself to make meditating regularly as easy and desirable as possible. I am lucky enough to have a space in my home to create an altar. 

home altar, detail

I enjoy the ceremony of sitting in meditation in the wee hours of the morning, or late evenings, at my own altar when I do nothing more than focus on me.  I take delight in decorating my altar, and in ways the act of altar making is in itself a meditation.  My altar actualizes my vision of myself and claims my place of stillness in the chaos of life. My altar is like a vision board – of the most powerful, creative and graceful me I can be.  What I decorate it with reflects my beliefs, values and aspirations. 

The choice is personal.  Candles, flowers, pictures, mementos or crystals, if they have a place in your heart, they can have a place on your altar. I start my meditation with some light yoga to get my body in the right mood for the practice. In the mornings yoga helps me warm up before sitting still, and in the evenings yoga helps me unwind to sit still. In Kundalini yoga, they suggest practicing yoga in natural, organic and breathable fabrics to nurture your aura or electromagnetic field.

This just feels right to me, as I never understood the allure of wearing athletic gear made of plastic when you are exerting yourself.  Loose fitting comfortable clothing is essential, so on any given day I can be found in my 100% organic Groceries Apparel and EcoSkin yoga loungewear during my meditation.

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Using a combination of focusing on my breath and using a mantra, 10 – 20 minutes of meditation practice passes by remarkably fast, and I feel rejuvenated to take on the day, or sleep like a baby! For more inspiration on your meditation practice, Yoga International posted an excellent piece by Jack Kornfield, taken from his book, A Path With Heart. >>