Meditation Style - Pure Handknit, Ecoskin, Raw Earth Wild Sky

With September here, I am getting back to my routine and part of that is reviving my meditation practice. To get me going, I need to gear up. What to wear when you wind down? Above all, comfort is key. Unrestricted clothing is essential, as you don't want to be distracted by your waistband when you are blissing out.  

I also prefer natural breathable fabrics, as I somehow feel blocked when I wear synthetic fabrics. And truth be told, a little stylish flair goes a long way in inspiring me to wake up before sunrise!

Items pictured:

Sweater: Pure Handknit Paris Sleeveless Tank, $109
Top: Raw Earth Wild Sky Daytripper Tee, $109
Pant: Ecoskin Windward Pant, $69