Gotta love the classics

- especially those from @prairieunderground, @neonbuddha, @rawearthwildsky and more.


You can't go wrong with the classics, and by that I mean classics by our favorite eco-bohemian designers such as Prairie Underground, Neon Buddha, Raw Earth Wild Sky, etc. A well balanced wardrobe can play like a well balanced dinner plate: part classic, part bohemian.  The percentage of parts is up to your personal style, but all parts equal good & healthy fare.

I have put together a selection of the classics from each of our designers.  These are the stand out designs that they are known for, the tried and true to anchor your wardrobe. Check out our selection of Mindful Style Classics here >

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Top: Prairie Underground, Mid-Victorian Hoodie, $239

Bottom: Neon Buddha, Sydney Shirt, $99

Neon Buddha, Adrian Palazzo Pant, $79

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