Personal Style Files: Featuring Chalet & FLAX

Flax, Chalet, Prairie Underground

I don't know what it is with red cowboy boots, but I treasure my pair and wear them like a badge of honor. In fact, I sometimes spot other women out and about sporting their red cowboy boots in the same rebellious way, and I feel a certain kinship with them - like we are old friends. 
My personal wardrobe is mostly neutrals, and then I go wild with color and pattern for good measure. (This is where the red boots come in I suppose...) I am just not that girl that is classic from head to toe - but I bet you could guess that from the selections I have chosen for my store! 

Vest by FLAX, Enwrap Vest, $99.

Sweater by CHALET, Tali Tunic Top, $99

Jeans by Prairie Underground, Original Denim Girdles, $149