Urban Chic - Easy style, NEW from FLAX Designs

Urban Flax Mixed Pull and Crunched Leggings

I first fell in love with FLAX Designs many, many years ago, when I was on the hunt for a basic linen pant to take me through the summer months. In following the line I love their approach of sturdy, basic styles with a twist. 
Now that I carry them at my store, LISSA the shop, I am falling in love with their newest collection, Urban FLAX. Made of medium weight crinkled linen, this new collection has a bit of edge to it, but still in keeping with the FLAX look. Always comfortable, FLAX is a perfect canvas to accessorize and make your own!

Items Pictured:

Top: Urban FLAX Mixed Pull, $85

Pant: FLAX Crunched Leggings, $79