A Little About Me & LISSA the shop

Just a little about me..

In many ways the beginning of Autumn is like the beginning of a new year. You may be preparing to change your closets over for the new season, and putting together your fall/winter wardrobe. I thought I would speak a little about me and my store. I started LISSA the shop just two years ago (Sept. 25, 13) as a store selling “conscious fashion” to the mindful woman.
As I got older, I became interested in real clothes for real women’s bodies. I wasn’t interested in the generic chain store mall clothes, but unique designs from small designers that actually fit the body of a mature woman. Oh, and natural fibers and made in the USA are preferred, and they do have to be comfortable too! Slim pickings.
With these criteria, I began to find a tight group of designers that I now carry at LISSA the shop, that combine a unique and timeless aesthetic, who employ sustainable production methods, have quality construction and craftsmanship, and use natural fibers. Most of our lines are made in America, and all are sweatshop-free.  
Our slogan “Mindful Style,” encompasses our dedication to offering our customers relaxed and elegant styles from independent, innovative and mindful designers – each one taking their own part in driving the fashion industry to a greener future.
As Friends & Family of LISSA the shop, I know you are interested in the designers I carry in the store, and while you may or may not know it, your support of them supports the growing movement of a conscious and sustainable fashion industry.
Thank you!