Chalet Crinkle Collection Size Chart

Any questions on sizing?  I'm here to help.

Please have a look at the size chart below. Most of the clothes from CHALET are meant to fit loose and comfortable. If you are familiar with her particular style and fit, this chart is probably all the information you need.

However, if you have any doubt whatsoever -- please do contact me, either by phone or e-mail. I can tell you about the fit of each individual item, because for a fact, I've tried everything on myself (as well as fitted everything on a model or dress form at least one more time).

LISSA the shop is your online neighborhood boutique, not a big corporate seller, so individual fitting is part of my service.

Measurements for selected Chalet items:

Gracy Top
S: 4-6 (38" Bust, 28.5" Length, 34" Swing)
M: 8-10 (40" Bust, 29" Length, 35" Swing)
L: 12-14 (42" Bust, 29.5" Length, 36" Swing)
XL: 16-18 44" Bust, 30" Length, 37" Swing)