DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT - Prairie Underground

Introducing the duo behind Prairie Underground

Prairie UndergroundI am thrilled to inaugurate our Designer Spotlight series with Prairie Underground, because discovering their clothes is when it all started for me.  Laying my eyes on their signature Mothette, pictured, I knew there was something brewing in the fashion world, and I wanted to be a part of it.

Designers Camilla Eckersley and Davora Lindner became friends in the 1980′s in Nebraska.  Consumed by the British New Romantic movement and New York East Village art scene, they immersed themselves in experimental fashion, music, art and politics.  This time and place remains the inspiration behind Prairie Underground, and the collection is created in homage to iconoclastic, independent women everywhere.


LTS: How did you decide you were going to pursue being a designer?

PrU: Camilla's career evolved from her talent with sewing and industry positions that led her to pursue a degree.  She knew I planned to relocate to LA and asked if I would come to Seattle and design a collection with her instead.  We have always shared a deep interest in clothing and had collaborated for years.

LTS: What other designers have you been influenced by?

PrU: Our business was influenced by Camilla’s experience at Rececca Beeson.  Our aesthetic influence has been Vintage and hand made garments, western clothing.  Vivienne Westwood and Rei Kawakubo have been very influential but companies like Levi’s and Esprit were equally important.  You can see all of those influences in what we design.

LTS: Do you have a signature piece or look in your collection?

PrU: Our collection is eclectic but we are known for colorful jersey and dark denim. Our most beloved silhouette is a Victorian shape interpreted in sportswear textiles.

LTS: Tell us about the kinds of fabrics you use.

PrU: We work mostly in organic cotton.  Modest, easy care textiles like Jersey, muslin, voile and denim.  We garment dye most of our garments so they have that unique look and feel.

LTS: What other art forms, if any, have affected you and your work?  

PrU: We’ve mostly worked in industrial settings so our clothing has a certain toughness.  As animal lovers our textile choices have always been pet friendly.  Nature and art have always inspired our collection.

LTS: Who would you like to dress – any celebrity, musician, artist, or even a person in history, that you would be most flattered if they were wearing your clothing?

PrU: We’re fortunate to dress everyday women who are steadfastly making the world a better place.  When we meet them it’s rather profound and humbling.

View our current Prairie Underground collection here >