Bilbao Stole


Supplément d'AM Bilbao Stole is a lightweight woolen stole offered in a colorful and whimsical pattern. The inspiration for this Bilbao pattern comes from a brightly colored kite flying high among the clouds with a train of colorful knots along the flying line. Screen-printed by hand with 12 to 15 colors per scarf. Predominantly purple with teal accents. Stoles have many styling options and can be worn as a wrap over formal wear, around the neck as a scarf, as a headband, belt or tied to the strap of your purse to add some flair.

Color: Amethyst

Fabric & Care

Made in India
Fabric: 100% Virgin Lambswool from Australia
Care: Dry Clean Only

About Supplément d'AM

Supplement d'AM is a woman owned and operated company based in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris. The patterns that adorn Supplement d'AM stoles are exclusively designed to tell a story that is meant to inspire ideas of travel, art and poetry. Each piece is screen-printed, color by color, averaging 12 to 15 colors per item. Supplement d'AM cultivates the hand-made and use all natural materials that give a soul to their collections and offer a colorful escape into reality.