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Prairie Underground is a leader in the eco fashion movement. Based in Seattle, Washington, Prairie Underground is designed by childhood friends Davora Lindner and Camilla Eckersley. Prairie Underground was created as homage to revolutionary, independent women everywhere who are steadfastly making the world a better place. The Prairie Underground collection is eclectic and known for their use of organic and sustainable materials and their renegade fashion silhouettes that expertly flatter and accentuate shapes.Over the years they have invented a variety of popular pieces starting with their signature ‘Prairie Hoodie’, now an item synonymous with the line. The Prairie Hoodie is an expertly designed, knee length, zip-up sweatshirt made of organic cotton, defining fashionable for the eco-minded. All the hoodies in the Prairie Underground line are form-flattering sweatshirt styles that are popular because you can throw them on over anything, such as a Comfy USA top, and still look great!

They focus on making tops, pants, and dresses that are comfortable, practical, and definitely with a point of view. Prairie Underground’s eye-catching and most beloved of silhouettes is a Victorian shape interpreted in sportswear textiles. The result is a classically unique style that never falls ‘out of fashion’, and a look that has caught on with women of a range of ages and fashion sensibilities. Inspired by the fashion and style out of New York and Japan, as well as the local fashion scene from Seattle, Prairie Underground’s most important elements include style, color, fit and quality – and a dedication to using sustainable, modest and easy care materials like hemp jersey, organic cotton, denim and muslin. Although best known for their hoodies and denim girdle pants, Prairie Underground’s broad range of clothing is distinctly casual, structurally interesting, and definitely unique!