Missing Packages - How To Proceed

Help!  My package shows "delivered" but I can't find it!

To help you manage the safe receipt of your order, we offer the option to ship with FREE Signature Required status. Should you live in an area with a possibility of delivery mishaps, we expect that you will take advantage of this extra level of security offered to you free of charge. You can opt-in to Signature Required during checkout. To make it easy, all you have to do is check a box! 

We keep you aware of the status of your order with multiple emails/texts. We send out 3 email notifications, and the option to receive notifications via text, to alert you to when your packages should arrive so you can manage a safe delivery; a Shipping Confirmation with the USPS/UPS Tracking Number, another when the shipment is out for delivery, and a third email confirming that the package has been delivered.

Once your package shows 'Delivered' in USPS/UPS tracking, any questions regarding delivery need to be made directly to the shipping agent, as we have no information regarding the local logistics of delivery in your area. 

Should the unforeseen event occur that your tracking shows "delivered" yet you cannot locate it, please proceed as follows:

  1. Look around your house for alternate delivery locations. Your package may be inside your mailbox. Carriers may leave packages in alternate "safe" spots if they feel a package is at risk for theft.

  2. Check with your neighbors and/or mailroom - perhaps your package was misplaced in error.

  3. Contact your shipping carrier directly with your tracking number for more information (see your Shipping Confirmation email with your tracking number). They may be able to trace the exact location of delivery. Many times a missing delivery is misplaced or redirected to a local access point for secure pickup.

  4. On occasion a package is scanned as "delivered" just prior to being dropped off. Usually this gets resolved within the next 1-2 business days

Note: If your carrier is USPS, contact your local post office (preferable to calling the national 1-800 number) for updated and detailed information as they are the agents most familiar with the delivery particulars in your area. 

As per the Shipping Policy published on our web site, the carrier’s delivery confirmation (USPS/UPS Tracking) serves as our proof of delivery.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accept responsibility for missing or lost packages after they have been delivered to you.

For more information, contact us via email only at: sales@lissatheshop.com