Missing Packages - How To Proceed

Help! My package shows "delivered" but I can't find it!

To help you manage the safe receipt of your order, we send out 3 email notifications to alert you to when your packages should arrive; a Shipping Confirmation with the USPS Tracking Number, another when USPS has the shipment out for delivery, and a third confirming the package has been delivered.
Should the unforeseen event occur that your package shows delivered with USPS tracking yet you have not received it, please proceed as follows:

  1. Look around your house for alternate delivery locations. Postal Carriers may leave packages in alternate "safe" spots if they feel a package is at risk for theft.

  2. Ask your neighbors, perhaps your package was left with them.

  3. Contact your local post office immediately with your tracking number for more information (see your Shipping Confirmation email). In some instances a package is scanned as "delivered" prior to actual delivery. Your local post office can help identify if this is the case and give you updated information. *They can also do a "GPS scan" for the exact delivery location and time, and contact your specific postal carrier for more information. 

  4. Please wait at least 2-3 business days before contacting us to allow for any delivery delays to work themselves out (they usually do.)

If after all the above your package is still missing, please contact us at: sales@lissatheshop.com. We will start an investigation with USPS (or other shipping carrier used). Each instance is handled on a case by case basis.